Lares Corporation - Steering Gears, Pumps and Racks
TUG and Pushback gears can be rebuilt. Call for more info.

We now have hydraulic (steering) pumps for the W700, rebuilt by Lares Corp. 7595-LAR. WE STILL NEED CORES to build a FedEx Core Bank. Please send directly back to Lares, see below.


Please send any CORES for the W700/W900 Steering Gear or Hydraulic (Steering) Pump directly back to Lares to be rebuilt. All of these cores belong to FedEx eliminating core charges on them. BUT, we need for you to return cores ASAP so we have more to rebuild. Please return these cores direct to Lares in order to save transportation time, as they are in short supply. Salvage units would be great too!!

CORES for units below are in short supply and all belong to FedEx. They should be Returned directly to Lares Corp for fast turnaround.

7150-LAR - Steering Rack for 2002-2006 Sprinter - Send cores in to rebuild or for "Core Bank". THANKS!

7152-LAR - TAS 40 Steering Gear for W700/W900. Used on vehicles produced BEFORE 4-15-04. CLICK for Image
7155-LAR - TAS 37 Steering Gear for W700/W900. Used on vehicles produced AFTER 4-15-04. Click for Image
7595-LAR - Hydraulic (steering) Pump for W700/W900. Cast Iron Pump CLICK for Image
7597-LAR - Hydraulic (steering) Pump for W700/W900. Aluminum Pump, TRW PS221616R32601, FRT 14-13086-000 - IMAGE
Listing of FedEx Pumps and Gears for FedEx HERE
Find your part using the Lares Catalog HERE

Return all Sprinter and W700 cores directly to Lares:

Phone (800) 334-5749