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Login to WebJETS or view Reports Webjets is the Johnson Industries online ordering system. Connect to JI's complete inventory over the web with just the entry of a password. You will be able to place your stock order, look up parts for a particular application and place emergency orders at the comfort of your own desk. What if you don't have the part number but you know what you need? You can look it up using WebJets. After logging in, click on the link to our Parts Catalog. </p><p>Click on your year, make and model and let us tell you what the number is. Say you have a customer at your counter or on the phone and they need a part you don't have in stock. Use WebJETS to see if JI has it at your local distribution center or the next closest one. You don't have to put them on hold while you call around looking for it. In all, WebJets is a great way to get the parts you need fast and easy. Login to view reports